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My writing, publishing and performing CV
  • 1969: Became a member of the Cambridge University 'Footlights'
  • 1970: Founder member of The Headlights cabaret-revue team (latterly: Seventh Sense) with Chris Farrell, Gordon Clarke & Fran Jordan; later joined by Tim Unwin. Performances at Cambridge May Balls and other social functions.
  • 1971: Wrote and staged the revue Mind the Boggles with Gordon Clarke, Caroline Noble, Chris Jones, Pete Tyson, Paul Cheshire - and Chris Saunders as 'Turntable'
  • 1972-1975: Wrote and performed a range of cabaret dates in S.E. London with Gordon Clarke
  • 1977 onwards: Short fiction and poems published in a range of literary magazines - South West Review, Critical Quarterly, Orbis, Westwords, Acumen, The Guardian etc
  • 1988: Publication of first collection of poems Leaping & Staggering
  • 1989: Went on a poetry-reading tour of the south-west region, sponsored by SW Arts - with Chris Southgate
  • 1990: Publication of poetry sequence In The Stillness based on the writings of Julian of Norwich
  • 1990-2000: Co-founded and co-edited the poetry magazine Otter
  • 1993: Publication of third collection of poetry The Melting Woman
  • 1993: Appearance on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe performing one-man sketch-based comedy, and two-man poetry readings with Chris Southgate
  • 1995: Publication of poetry collection Still Staggering
  • 1996: Wrote & performed the cabaret-revue Richard Skinner Entertains (allegedly) for the Society of Mary & Martha
  • 1998: Publication of poetry collection Echoes of Eckhart
  • 1999: Wrote & performed the cabaret-revue Mind the Boggles for the Society of Mary & Martha
  • 2000: Wrote & performed the cabaret-revue Mind the Boggles II for the Society of Mary & Martha
  • 2001: The Virtual Rhinoceros tour of the south-west region, sponsored by SW Arts - a series of poetry readings and workshops with Chris Southgate
  • 2001: Wrote and staged the revue Strange Attractors with Karen Huckvale at the Exeter Phoenix
  • 2004: Wrote and staged the revue Strange Attractors II with Karen Huckvale as part of the Exeter Autumn Festival
  • 2005: Publication of poetic meditations Invocations
  • 2009: Wrote and performed Seventh Sense cabaret-revue with original founder member, Gordon Clarke
  • 2009: Librettist for Bethlehem! a Christmas nativity musical for schools and community groups. Music by Nigel Walsh
  • 2010-present: In collaboration with composer Nigel Walsh, I write the lyrics for a variety of items: see Youtube uploads (music)
  • 2012: Reissue of "In The Stillness". 6 of the poems set to music by Nigel Walsh and recorded by the Lapford Singers. CD issued. click here and here for samples
  • 2014: I write The Time Sonnets
  • 2014: Another Seventh Sense cabaret-revue performance in Exeter with Gordon Clarke
  • 2016: A Brief Poetry of Time published, incorporating the Time Sonnets
  • 2017: Colliding With God to be published

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My Feline CV
  • 1961: Tiger, who died in the snows of the harsh '63 winter
  • 1963: Timmy
  • 1978: Corrie, who gave birth to
  • 1979: Dennis, Pips, Mallen and Jim
  • 1989: Frinkle
  • 1993: Bonnie
  • 2005: Lyra who is named after the heroine of Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' trilogy

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My General CV
  • 1950: Born in Kent. Thereafter lived in New Eltham, S.E. London, U.K.
  • 1961-1972: Educated at Eltham College, and Pembroke College, Cambridge where I took a degree in Natural Sciences
  • 1972-1975: Worked in Greenwich public libraries
  • 1975: Headed down to Devon to try my hand at writing, where I have lived ever since. Wrote, over the course of many years, three unpublished and probably unpublishable novels, along with poems and comedy scripts. Became a member of the (Anglican) Parish of Central Exeter with which I continue to be involved
  • 1976-1980: Worked variously as library assistant and psychiatric nurse - though not at the same time...
  • 1980-1982: Took a social work degree at Exeter University
  • 1982-1988: Worked as a therapist in psychiatric day hospitals and therapy clinics in Somerset and Devon
  • 1988: Become fully self-employed; continued working in private capacity as therapist-counsellor whilst continuing to write fiction, poetry and comedy sketches
  • 1988-present day: Publication of seven books of poems, plus a miscellany of short stories and articles.
  • 2002: Started working one day a week at the second-hand bookshop Joel Segal Books (now The Topsham Bookshop) in Topsham, Devon
  • 2006: Began PhD at Exeter University, picking up on long-standing interests both in evolutionary theory and in spirituality. Continued involvement in the world of mental health
  • 2010: Betsy & I marry
  • 2012: I am awarded my PhD from Exeter University
  • 2105: I accept a pension from a grateful state, and retire from mental health work and from the bookshop
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